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Invites Couture Blog

Invites Couture Blog

Understanding the rules of wedding monogram etiquette

Posted by Elle
Hi All! My name is Elle. I'm here to help with your party planning, etiquette
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on Wednesday, 26 September 2012 in Etiquette & Traditions

There are two main rules of wedding monogram etiquette which are how a monogram should be designed for a couple and when should it be used. It is important to follow these rules to ensure perfection in the wedding process.

A wedding is a special day for a couple and especially for a young conventional woman, who has dreamt of this day for most of her adolescent life. Having probably seen elder siblings get married or other relatives and friends, she would have learnt from experience and would want her wedding to be as perfect as humanly possible. One step towards perfection in weddings is through wedding monogram etiquette. The importance of wedding monogram etiquette cannot be overstated.

A wedding is like of beautiful fabric woven in a complex web of threads. Wedding monogram etiquette is one of those intricately woven threads that make up a wedding fabric and as we know if one thread is undone, the whole fabric comes undone.
Wedding monogram etiquette is basically a way to understand the rules behind how to use the monogram of a couple in a proper way and when should they be able to use it. Consider for example, if Elizabeth Cooper and John Anderson are getting married. The proper monogram lists the woman’s first name initial, followed by an enlarged initial of the man’s last name, followed by the man’s first initial. So the proper monogram would be EAJ. The middle initial can be artistically crafted in a different font if so desired, but it has to be larger than the other two. The first and last letters should be equal in size and use the same font to show unity and the bond between them.
Also wedding monogram etiquette requires that the time of using monograms should be considered. Monograms should be used after the wedding has been made official through the “I do’s.” They can be used on just about anything ranging from napkins to table cloths to the gowns worn by the bridesmaids and should be stylish and match the theme of the wedding.

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Hi All!

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